Máquina para envasado y sellado de cápsulas #TECMAR #IMA. Camaleonte envasa 3 variedades de cápsulas de café.


The Camaleonte machine is equipped with three production lanes and is capable to run one of them at a time. All three lanes are prearranged and dedicated to different capsule styles. The dosing unit slides onto the capsule lane according to format.


Developed according to the experience gathered with the MCA series machines, the Camaleonte features three capsule processing rows, each of which are configured for a different format. When processing one single row after another, the Camaleonte will handle the selected format, ready at any stage to handle all three different capsules.


Changeover is performed manually by an operator without any mechanical intervention necessary, taking no more than 15 minutes. This is possible thanks to a mechanism enabling the dosing unit to shift to the selected capsule row while all other operating groups remain in the exact same position. 


Adaptable and fast, the Camaleonte boosts performance and ensures a competitive advantage through exceptional production flexibility.

Sus ventajas

  • Full integration with vertical flowpack unit.
  • Available with nitrogen insufflation into capsules.
  • Machine configuration accommodates 3 different capsule formats.
  • Independent dosing unit shifts from one row to another for ultrafast changeovers.
  • Customisation according to capsule type.

Especificaciones Técnicas

Production speed 70 Capsules/min.
Installed power 18 kW
Machine weight 2200 Kg
Expected compressed air consumption 500 Nl/min.
Compressed air pressure 7 bar
Filter paper reel diameter 400 mm MAX